Tribu News, the high quality monthly newspaper

A monthly newspaper is a wonderful way to keep a strong connection between family members.

Every month, the members of your family share their best photos, stories, and anecdotes in the Tribu News app, which turns them into a beautiful newspaper.

This newspaper is printed at the end of the month, and received a few days later by the grandparents (or the parents, or the children, or any reader of your choice).


mother and son reading tribu news
qualitative album tribu news in grandpa's hands
qualitative Albums on a table
qualitative album tribu news in family's hands


A collaborative platform

Smartphone, computer, tablet? It doesn’t matter. You co-create your family newspaper whenever you want, wherever you want. The only constraint? Be sure to finalize the newspaper before the last day of the month, at midnight, so it can be printed the next day.

Available on PC, Tablet and Mobile

What is the quality like?

Newspaper or photo album? The quality changes completely. So how do you measure the quality of the Tribu News newspaper? We wanted to combine the ease of printing a newspaper with the image quality and durability of a photo album.
So we selected a high quality paper (170g coated paper), which is as much a pleasure for your eyes as for your hands, your ears, your nose… You’ve got it. We want your Tribu News to be a pleasure to read on every level.


170g coated paper, what does that mean?

To ensure a good grip, all our newspapers are printed on 170 g/m2 paper.
In terms of comparison:

Traditional newspaper

newspaper paper


Printer paper

printer paper



flyer paper

90 to 160g

Tribu News

Tribu News qualitative album


Traditional photo

photographic paper


Then, for something that’s beautiful to look at, smooth to touch, and the optimal photo quality, we use a “coated” paper with a glossy finish.


Tell your stories (almost) like in real life

With Tribu News, you don’t need think about how many photos (or stories!) you want to share. A story can be told in one photo or 20, with or without text. You are one of the creators of your Tribu News, which makes your newspaper unique, because every family and every story is unique.

Here is an example of a Tribu Album.