About Us

Who are we?

The background of the project in a few questions

How did you get the idea?

Arnaud: The idea for the project came from the desire to please my grandmother. When she found herself alone following the death of my grandfather, one of my fears was that she wouldn’t be able to handle living alone. In addition to going to visit her more often, I wanted to find a solution that could involve the whole family.

Why did I think of having a family newspaper?

Arnaud: A few months later while on vacation, I had the idea of ​​sending her several personalized postcards with pictures of my little tribe. The joy that came from these simple photos was the trigger for me. I needed to gather each month a few pages of family news.

So you directly launched TribuNews?

Arnaud: Initially, I started by completing a summary of the content from my Tribe’s Facebook news feeds and printing it for my grandmother. The idea of extending it to the general public came from the circumstances. Proud of her family newspaper, my grandmother showed it to her friends, who quickly wanted to have their own newspaper.

And you, Mathieu, you were involved in the project from the beginning?

Mathieu: No, I came in later on in the project. When Arnaud first spoke to me about Tribu, I was touched by the happiness that the newspaper could bring to families. I was a fan of the idea and I planned to offer it to my grandmother. I quickly wanted to play a role in this venture that was perfectly in line with my values.

How did you two meet?

Mathieu: I’ve known Arnaud for 7 years and I’ve had the opportunity to work with him for several years. We started our careers together at Decathlon. Beyond being colleagues, we became friends through long hours of carpooling and passionate debates.

Why did you become involved?

Mathieu: Since we are both driven by a need to take action, we had a huge desire to share a human experience. Tribu News is the opportunity for us to live our dream as a team and in a good mood.