Fill up on ideas for a well-edited journal !

Fill up on ideas for a well-edited journal


Some people are overflowing with photos or ideas to complete their journals. Others, like me, have difficulties completing the 14 pages with decent content for my grandparents. For those who are looking for inspiration, here is a list of ideas to help you complete your journal!


Adding grid games

Like at the back of a magazine, many people enjoy completing grid games. If you know Grandma or Grandpa likes these kinds of games, why not adding one or more?

List of potential games: Arrow words, crossword puzzles, difference games, Sudoku, Kemaru, Kakuro, Rikudo, anagrams …
Where to find grids? Type on Google « Grid games », several sites are free to use. Make a screenshot of the grid and insert it as a photo.

! Tips ! Choose grids of good quality and large enough to allow the reader to complete the grids easily and without squinting. Ask the reader the difficulty of the game, if he/she prefers easier or more complicated, if he/she prefers particular games … And if it’s an original/new game, explain the rules to him/her!

Other simple games

You don’t necessarily need to make a grid, you have a lot of ways to entertain the reader: list some jokes, charades, riddles, puzzles, …

! Tips ! Don’t forget to put in the solution. Also ask the reader if he/she enjoys this kind of entertainment.

General and original information!

Do you know of a theme that your reader is passionate about? Try to find a « fun fact », an unusual story, a peace of news that he/she may not be aware of. Describe it to inform your reader, he/she will probably be surprised to see that you are interested in his/her interests!
It can also be a miscellaneous theme such as a « Did you know? ». Copy and paste an article and surprise your reader!

Pictures of all kinds

Funny pictures

The Internet is full of funny pictures for all ages, collect some and add them to your family journal.

Original pictures

Use your imagination! Here are some ideas:

– Using Snapchat/Instagram filters on your family photos
– Make a photo montage, like a large photo separated into nine smaller ones
– Taking before/after pictures
– Post old photos and make the reader guess which family member is on them
– Playing with depth of field, reflection and colours

– Take pictures of the children’s drawings
– ….

Banal pictures?

You think you’ve gone through all your beautiful landscape photos of the month and you don’t know what to add anymore? Why not adding photos of your daily life, from the picture of your head half asleep when you wake up to the good night picture? You don’t need a super-active life to immortalize those little moments that may seem insignificant but can be a lot of fun to look at in a photo.

A tale, a story

You have a great imagination and you like to write? Imagine a story, where a journal is the first chapter/volume of a long story that is captivating and exciting for your reader!

Now it’s up to you !