"So many thanks to the team for this excellent journal which makes the joy of the head of the family . All the best to you all ."


"It's really great! Bravo! It’s so easy to use! The whole family really loves it and we are can’t wait for our grandparents to discover their first newspaper! What an incredible gift! Thank you so much!"


"We are very happy with the journal, it gives us plenty of news of the family. And more than that, our grandmother is at her happiest seeing the whole family every month 🙂 "


"I just wanted to thank you for the quality of your services and the journal which has delighted my mother for the past 4 months at a time when it is difficult to keep close contact. The application is very clean and easy to use for our Tribu. Good luck for the rest. "


"When I subscribed I was afraid of the quality: photos, paper, printing. When I saw my first journalI was positively surprised by it’s quality! Clearly above expectations."


"Wow you guys are perfect !!! Too bad I can't go see my grandmother to steal her journal because I opened a blog and I would have loved to advertise you by presenting your concept. You are really at the top of your game, both in the creation of the journal and in customer relations."


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"After more than two years of journals, we are sad to ask you to cancel our subscription. Our grandparents have both left us this month and the letterbox will now remain empty. Thank you for these moments of intense joy that you have allowed grandchildren to provide for their grandparents who are as isolated as people in the remote French countryside can be! "


"We always say when things aren't going well, so let me tell you how much joy your Tribu News brings. The layout is beautiful, lively, cheerful, varied. You are very real and answer in seconds. 1000 times better than ***! Thank you very much for this great invention. We have never been so close with my family, reading their holiday posts! "


"My parents received their first journal today. They were thrilled and even had tears in their eyes. They can't wait for the next one! "


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"My grandmother runs once a month, on the 10th of the month, to fetch her Tribu from the letterbox. "


"Hi Arnaud, I called my grandmother. She was with yours, showing off their respective Tribu News. I had to share that with you. It's really the panini of grandmothers..."


"It's great to be able to make this journal and get everyone involved. Being able to create its layout is an asset. "


"It is an aesthetic journal that makes it possible to create and maintain a link with the person who receives the journal and those who send it. It is a very beautiful concept "


"Very nice and friendly. A very good way to tell our grandparents about us and to get children to write texts for them! "


"Easy to use ! Very good communication if there are questions. Possibility to put large photos and a very intuitive layout. Really at the top "


"It strengthens family links, both for grandparents and for aunts, cousins and so on! We all love it "