The newspaper includes the content (messages and photos) that are shared by the members of your tribe. The content, where the tribe member is identified, will be included in the newspaper only if the person who shared it accepts a notification via the publisher in your newspaper. The newspaper can be modified on the www.mytribunews.com platform until the printing date. You can delete, move, complete or add content up to the last day of the month.

Via the “Edit my newspaper” tab in your account. You can edit, delete, add or move any of your newspaper’s content. A reminder message will also be sent every month, 3 days before the closing of the newspaper, to the members of the tribe.

If there is too much content for your newspaper, the additional photos are stored in the library (to the left of the journal). So you can choose for yourself which photos will appear in the journal.”

The security of your personal information is paramount. We have implemented the appropriate security policies, rules and technical measures to protect your personal information. Only members of your tribe have access to your newspapers. For more information, please read our privacy policy.

The newsprint version is sent to the address(es) registered on your account. The digital version is sent to all email addresses registered in your tribe, or all its members.

The postal address and email addresses can be changed at any time via the “My Account” tab.

Each member of your tribe can decide not to participate by disconnecting their Facebook and/or Instagram account via the “My Account” tab at www.mytribunews.com. To add a member, please also do so via the “My Account” tab. He/she will receive an invitation to connect on www.mytribunews.com.

Yes, by simply taking out an annual subscription, you can add any additional addresses you want in your account in the “shipping info”. Printing and shipping each new printed version will cost you only € 7.5 per month (€ 90 per year).