Yes ! You can download the application via the following links:

The security of your personal information is paramount. We have put in place strict security policies, rules and measures to protect your information and photos. Only you and the members of your Tribu family can access them. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

Your album can hold up to 14 pages 100% customizable.
The number of pictures per page will vary depending on the layout you selected. A page contains between 1 and 20 pictures. Your album can contain up to 280 pictures.

We work on a monthly basis .
All members can edit the album until the last day of the month at midnight ( UTC+1).
The next day its .PDF version is available and sent by email to all members. Around the tenth day of the month, the album is delivered at home.

Yes and at no extra charge!

The album can be printed in 6, 10 or 14 pages.

A member of the Tribu family has to send you an invitation via email or shared link. Once clicking on the link, you are asked to sign in and will be automatically be part of the Tribu family.

You can invite a new member to join your Tribu family by sending an invitation via email or by sharing a link. By clicking on the invitation, the new member will have to create an account and be able to add content to the album.

The album will be sent to the address referred in your account. You can change each month the address if you wish. All of your Tribu family members will receive the digital version of the album.

You can change the delivery address via the “Shipping Info” tab in the menu.

Go to “Menu” (top right) and select “My Info”. Click on the pencil next to the current album name and feel free to change it.

Yes, you can choose to receive one or more copies of your album by clicking on “add a reader.” Each additional copy is an additional subscription.