Ecological responsabilities


The number of trees already planted


In order to respect values, we wanted to do a bit for the environment.

As a first step, we have chosen as our supplier a F.S.C. and P.E.F.C. certified printing company. Those label attests the use of eco-responsible raw materials. In particular thanks to the use of paper from sustainably managed forests. In addition, our printer is certified IMPRIM’VERT which is a label bringing together the actors of the graphic industry in order to reduce the environmental impacts linked to this sector. Finally, our printer recycles its used materials such as plates or ink residues. Wasted papers are recycled to be put back into the circuit and finally the energy produced is used to heat the workshop. The aim is to achieve a neutral CO2 emission.


Secondly, we sought to link our product to a positive move for the planet. From now on and thanks to our collaboration with Graine de Vie, a non-profit organization specialized in reforestation, each month, when your newspaper is sent, a tree is planted (and this, without a change in the subscription costs 😉).



Graine de Vie decided, years ago, to address environmental issues by acting in Madagascar. A country where forests have been disappearing over the years but where the rainfall still allows a large-scale reforestation.

We really like this project for its environmental goals but also for its social aspects. For examples, Graine de Vie works with local non-profit organization in order to raise awareness among the inhabitants while some trees species produce consumable resources for the population.


If you want to know more about the association, its operation and ambitions: : Graine de Vie

However, we are obviously aware that this challenge will never end and that we will have to continually question it according to environmental issues and our business needs.