4 other ways to use Tribu

You have so many pictures in your phone that you don’t even know what to do with them? 

There are so many, you don’t even look at them anymore. How can you use those photos you keep in your phone? 

Tribu News is a monthly photo journal that has been created to provide news every month. This news is often sent to grandparents, but there are many other ways to use the album, here are 4 other ways we wanted to share with you.

1. Photos of your family, for your family

Chocolate Cake

Collect your memories on the coffee table rather than on your phone.

Create a monthly album for yourself. When you import photos, you can do so directly to multiple Tribus at once. So when you import your photos into your grandparents’ journal , import them directly into yours and create a personal journal. This will allow you to remember what you did each month and show it to your friends. In addition, the journals don’t take up any space; they’re easy to store under the coffee table and can be taken out at any time.


2. Share your journey from wherever you are

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Are you going abroad for several months or even a few weeks? 

Subscribe to Tribu News to send regular news to your parents. They’ll be happy to receive a monthly printed picture report of everything you’ve done. Therefore, when you return home, you can pick up the albums and keep them as a souvenir of this wonderful experience.


3. Keep a physical memory of your events

Take a 1-month subscription to summarize an event. You’ve taken lots of great photos at your birthday party, but there are too many to print and hang in your room and too few to make a big photo album? Tribu is the ideal solution, get a one-month subscription and you’ll have a journal that you can keep as a souvenir, all for just €10.



4. Cocreate your holiday albums with your friends

You went on a trip with your friends, each one of you have photos on their phone and you want to create an album together? Once again, Tribu is the solution! You can easily take out a 1-month subscription and co-create your photo album with your friends. It’s the ideal solution to have a summary of your holidays very quickly realised and created by several people at the same time.

Of course, there are plenty of other situations where Tribu can be useful given the number of photos we take every day.


We have mentioned 4 ways of using Tribu but there are thousands of them! 

Feel free to share with us your way of using Tribu via Facebook and Instagram